CLARA is a fully featured loyalty solution specifically designed to provide a comprehensive processing capability for businesses wishing to deliver customer rewards, personalised communications and targeted promotions.

CLARA has been developed by the most successful British loyalty consultancy company, Loyalty Consulting UK Ltd, (LCUK). 

LCUK specialises in Customer Loyalty consulting and advisory services. Serving an international audience of Blue Chip names, from Brazil to Azerbaijan, to Norway, LCUK has now developed a comprehensive loyalty solution to address both the drive twoard digital engagement as well as the need to support multi-channel customer engagement.

CLARA is different from all other loyalty solutions, it delivers a powerful customer proposition that is simple and logical, but most importantly allows the customer to reward themselves when and where they want within a loyalty network which could be a single retailer operating with third party channels or a group of businesses wishing to pool their approach toward customer loyalty.

The customer can collect reward points from multiple places and spend them in an outlet/retail partner of their choosing within the scheme; for a reward of their choice. This is unique to the market and provides an exciting opportunity for businesses and retailers that want to work together to build and defend market share.

About Loyalty Consulting UK Limited

Loyalty Consulting UK Limited, (LCUK), focus on the provision of customer loyalty services  across all industries and for an extensive range of companies through four continents.

“We are passionate about customers and committed to the development and delivery of innovative customer loyalty strategies for our clients.” Mark Bergdahl, Managing Director.

Services provided by LCUK range from something as simple as a facilitated workshop, helping a client to focus on the most effective steps toward better customer management, through to the implementation of a complex multi-partner coalition loyalty scheme; developing the vision, the strategy, facilitating the implementation of technology and operating a full managed service.

LCUK experience ensures that it asks the right questions of the right people, arriving at critical insights early on in a consulting engagement. This invariably means it is quick to identify winning strategies that form a hypothesis that it will help to model, validate, pilot and implement. LCUK is not simply a consulting service, it delivers a full service for the operation of simple and complex loyalty schemes. It concentrates its skills and knowledge to realise the business goals of its clients and as such it is very often retained to oversee operational and scheme development post launch.

Based in York, UK, the company’s consulting team have over 150 years consulting experience between them. With a vast experience of working with both large and small retailers and businesses working hand in hand to form successful coalition loyalty schemes both in the UK, across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Loyalty Consulting UK services span the entire scope of consideration for loyalty related marketing, from the inception and creation of loyalty strategy to the implementation of technology to provide a complete operational service.

To find out more please visit www.loyaltyconsulting.co.uk