Jul 1, 2016

Could there be resurgence in British Loyalty on the High Street?

Mark Bergdahl, Director, Loyalty Consulting UK ltd

Brexit is the topic of the day; we were discussing the implications for loyalty schemes and wondered whether there would be mileage in a formal approach to buying British.

Could the British public be rewarded for supporting their local shops, and buying British in the face of all the challenges that confront British manufacturers and the suppliers of all things sourced locally. Under current EU legislation, such a scheme would fall foul of the rules.

Whilst this ‘tongue in cheek’ suggestion is impractical on so many levels, such as the fact that so much of manufacturing today ends in an assembly of parts sourced both locally and globally – how British is anything anymore? Is there an opportunity being perhaps missed by our British High Streets to club together in an attempt to work collectively in attracting and retaining customers? Whilst it would be wrong to promote the ‘little Englander’ stereotype, charity begins at home and we all need to do what we can to make a success of our chosen way forward where Britain is outside the EU, but embracing a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-national supplied British High Street. High Street Loyalty schemes don’t discriminate, they focus on generating more trade and hence more loyal customers.

There are many discount schemes available on the High Street but we feel they lack creativity and for most shoppers, motivational relevance.

A common loyalty scheme across the majority of High Street shops, aimed at surprising and delighting members with free gifts, offers and promotions at relevant outlets would bring a fresh approach to shopping on the High Street. And yes, just maybe, there could be a rewarding incentive to shopping on the British High Street.

Mark Bergdahl, Director, Loyalty Consulting UK ltd